• Chemical Tape (LeakTel)

    • Essential safety products in the workplaces
      handling and manufacturing hazardous chemicals.
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    SMTEK’s chemical leak detection tapes are designed and manufactured by blending color-changing materials and adhesives. Our polymeric sensor tapes can be served as a product that allows workers to early detect leakage areas of acid, alkaline or solvent.

    The features are as follows
    instant response to acid, alkaline, or solvent
    clear and gradual color change as time passes
    improved visibility and color fastness.

    Detectable Materials

    • Acid/Alkaline (HCl, HF, KOH etc)
    • Solvent (Alcohols, Ketones, Esters, Hydrocarbons, Aromatics etc)
    • Sulfur compound (H2S, Mercaptans)
    • Ammonia (NH3, Amines)

    Detection Range

    • Acid/Alkaline : > 0.1%
    • H2S & NH3 : >100ppm
    • Detection Time : < 1 min
    • Operating Temp : 80oC max